SMHS announces 2020 Sophomore Awards

Several second-year medical students received sophomore awards on April 30 when the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences announced its 2020 Sophomore Awards winners. In past years, these awards were presented in-person. This year’s luncheon was canceled because of COVID-19.

Still, academic, teaching, and service awards were awarded on behalf of the School and the North Dakota Medical Association, including:

North Dakota Medical Association Awards

Awarded to second-year students nominated by their peers, the M.D. Class of 2022, and recognized for outstanding performance in the following three curricular areas:

  • Group Leadership and Professionalism – RaMae Harpestead, Minto, N.D.
    Engages in ethical conduct, facilitates group interaction and productivity, motivates others to learn, exhibits personal integrity, and interacts with others appropriately with respect and courtesy
  • Peer Teaching – Donald Hamm, Power, Mont.
    Outstanding contributions to the group’s database and facilitating group learning, skillful and accurate presentations, and willingness to assist fellow classmates to learn concepts they do not understand
  • Integration of Basic Science and Clinical Application – Hunter Huff Towle, Bismarck, N.D.
    Ability to analyze problems, generate hypotheses, set priorities, test hypotheses and formulate alternative hypotheses, draw appropriate conclusions, and apply the knowledge to patient cases

SMHS Academic Awards

The following awards are given to second-year medical students in recognition of their overall academic achievements:

  • The DeBoer Memorial Award – Christina Krieger, Galesburg, N.D.
    Given in memory of Mrs. Benjamin DeBoer and presented by the Department of Biomedical Sciences
  • Philip H. Woutat Memorial Scholarship Award – Bradley Conant, Fargo, N.D.
    Presented by the Department of Biomedical Sciences on behalf of Mrs. Philip Woutat in memory of her husband for his service as a radiology instructor
  • William Eugene Cornatzer Award – Marcus Osman, Fargo, N.D.
    Presented by the Department of Biomedical Sciences in memory of Dr. Eugene Cornatzer, founder and inaugural chair of the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and a pioneering and innovative leader in medical education and biomedical research
  • James Kelleher Award – Sarah Rasmussen, Hazen, N.D.
    Presented by the Department of Biomedical Sciences in honor of Dr. Kelleher’s outstanding service to the School of Medicine & Health Sciences, and his dedication and contributions to the teaching of medical students

SMHS Service Award

  • Service Award Kevin Monk Award – Sarah Pippin, Williston, N.D.
    Given to a second-year medical student for outstanding service to the School of Medicine & Health Sciences

SMHS faculty were also nominated for Outstanding Teacher Awards by the first- and second-year medical student classes, including:

  • Portrait Award – Michelle Montgomery, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.
    For outstanding support of students during their first two years of medical education
  • Golden Apple Awards (for excellence in teaching, given to the instructor whose teaching has had the greatest impact)-
    • Nominated by sophomore students: Rhome Hughes, M.D., M.S.
    • Nominated by freshman students: Patrick Carr, Ph.D.