Sara Strandquist

Sara Strandquist is the new research technician working in the Genomics Core facility assisting with the upkeep of the lab, as well as analysis of DNA and RNA samples. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Evangel University in 2009, she moved back to her hometown and worked for four years at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on nuclear waste remediation. She studied various types of techniques for the long-term storage of nuclear waste, such as types of glass for vitrification and concrete. She also characterized the soil and sediment from the area and researched methods to protect the groundwater from contamination. She and her family later moved to Colorado, and then to North Dakota where after many career changes she has finally landed back in the lab. She is excited to be in a new area of research and to learn more about genetics. When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, crafting, and reading.