Be careful with perfumes, air fresheners, oils, and other scents in SMHS

As you may know, an individual had a very severe allergic reaction to a strong fragrance in a public area of the SMHS building recently. This is just a reminder that perfumes, cologne, essential oils, and other strong fragrances can be airborne irritants and can trigger asthma, allergies, migraines, and other health issues in people with chemical sensitivities.

As such, we are asking that all faculty, staff, and students at all SMHS locations please refrain, wherever possible, from wearing heavily scented or liberally applied lotions, aftershave, hair sprays and colognes/perfumes, essential oils, or other scents. Thank you for your willingness to minimize exposing peers, colleagues, or visitors to potentially harmful airborne irritants and strong odors that may cause allergic reactions.

Additional information for minimizing allergic reactions, identifying symptoms of allergic reactions, and the use of an Epi-Pen will be available for students in the near future. Faculty and staff may obtain additional information by viewing the Vector Solutions course “Health Emergencies: Life-Threatening Allergies.” This 13-minute course can be accessed by logging in to and clicking on “View Library” at the bottom of your home page where the platform asks you: “Interested in Extra Training?” The course can be found in the “Health” category of courses.