Reflections on a Medical Student Well-Being Initiative

In 2006,┬áStuart Slavin began work on an initiative to improve medical student well-being at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. The project was created with a simple model – three components guided the well-being initiative: (1) Reduce unnecessary stressors and enhance the learning environment; (2) Teach students skills to better manage their stress and provide and encourage them to use a range of psychological and emotional support resources; and (3) Create more opportunities for students to find meaning in their work.

A reflection paper written by Slavin was recently accepted for publication in the journal Academic Medicine. Over the ten years of the project, “striking decreases in adverse mental health outcomes were seen with an 85% reduction in the depression rate and a 75% decrease in the anxiety rate in first-year medical students.” Read the full article to learn about the strategies that were employed and additional details about the project success.

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