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Many of you have read the email from Interim President Wynne announcing UND flight training will not resume at this time.  

We have been and will continue to review our options and flight status given the daily developments surrounding COVID-19 mitigation.  Everyone must understand UND flight training will resume.  This week or next week?  No.  But we will resume.

Right now we are planning for a busy summer.  Great weather and plenty of daylight is a guarantee.  Last summer we experienced a slow July and August because students finished their flight training and headed out for the rest of the summer.  This summer is expected to be busy, and we are preparing for when we can begin flight training.

We want to update you on some of the positives for when we do begin flight training:
We will have more aircraft available for the summer training.

We will be receiving an order of Piper Archers this spring. Our original plan was to send some of the older Archers to our Phoenix operation, but that will be delayed until we get our flight training at UND back on schedule.

We will have more experienced flight instructors available to instruct 325 and 414, as well as conducting stage checks.

Unfortunately, this is the result of the impact on airlines in regards to their hiring and training dates, but this is a short term situation. Meanwhile, it will provide additional instructor resources to assist in getting everyone back on schedule with their flying.

Ramp badges – If you anticipate returning to training this summer, please keep your badge and safeguard it until you return. For those not planning to return until Fall semester, please keep your badge and watch for Email updates on mailing it to us once all UND departments are fully operational.

Next week SAAC will be hosting our semester UND Aerospace Dean’s Forum virtually through zoom. This event will take place on Wednesday April 1, 2020 at 5:30pm CDT. The forum will include a panel to address your questions and concerns. To join the forum, use the following zoom link: https://und.zoom.us/j/857910130 .

We will also be hosting our second UND Aviation Industry Speaker Series on Thursday April 2, 2020. We will be joined by three Delta Air Lines pilots, and UND alums to share their career insights and offer advice during this challenging time. For more information on this event please go to: UND Aviation Industry Speaker Series

Facebook: Aviation Industry Series

We are all in this together, and we are here for you,

UND Aerospace Leadership Team

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