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UND Related Questions
Please refer to your UND email and the UND Coronavirus Update blog ( for more information.

What are other collegiate aviation programs doing at this time?
Since this situation began, we have been in communication with many of our colleagues at other collegiate aviation programs across the country. We are all dealing with many of the same issues. Most are not currently flying at this time, but working towards plans for when we are able to commence individual flight training lessons in the future. One big achievement for all of us came when the FAA granted permission for us to teach our Part 141 academic courses online.

Flight Training Related Questions

1. Why did UND suspend flight training?
Flight training was suspended because on Sunday evening, March 15th, the President of UND directed all nonessential UND employees to work remotely. All UND Flight Operations employees as well as Odegard School faculty and staff are nonessential employees. This action is in line with most other collegiate aviation programs across the country.

2. When will flight training resume at UND?
We are working and talking with UND Administration about how we might safely provide limited flight training. We are developing a plan for consideration including which and how many students could be accommodated for flight training while prioritizing the health and safety of both instructors and students relative to CDC recommendations. Students should NOT return to campus for flight training unless they receive a message from the Flight Operations management team. Announcements regarding flight training will be sent to your UND email address, as well as posted to the

3. What is the plan once we are able to start flight training again?
We have a general plan in place. When we near the date to return to flight training, the detailed plan will be communicated. Many factors are still influencing that plan. In the coming weeks, we will know more and will start communicating the plans with you. Until then, focus on the rest of your courses that you will continue remotely and take care of yourself.

4. How will SP grades be determined at the end of the semester? What about for retakes?
If a student continues to do well academically (above a C) on their academic flight course they will receive a Satisfactory Progress (SP) grade for the semester. Once you are able to complete the flight training, that grade will convert to the earned letter grade. An academic SP no longer requires flight activity. This was communicated at the Safety Seminar and in the classroom.

5. What are the exact lesson requirements for Summer/Fall Flight Course registration?
This can be referenced on the flight lab site for the respective course and will be posted on the AIMS class registration system. Initial registration will be based on the templates at February 29 before any of this was a concern. Also refer to the Flight Course Enrollment website for more information:

6. What is being done to help students that are close to graduation?
We know that many of you are close to graduating, and that this delay has a high likelihood of delaying your graduation timeline. We are very aware of this, and will be discussing this in the future. Again, many of our contingency plans are reliant on when we are able to resume normal operations.

7. Is the 12-month policy being reviewed in light of bad Fall/January weather and Avit. 102?
This is one of the details being reviewed. Decision and guidance will be communicated when appropriate. Right now our focus is the health and safety of our students and employees, then returning to flight status.

8. What is happening to the already scheduled FAA knowledge exams? What are the options for those of us needing an FAA knowledge exam?
FAA knowledge exams at the FAA Test Center at Ryan Hall have also been suspended like most other services on campus. It’s operation will resume when the appropriate conditions exist. The FAA knowledge exam is a requirement that will have no leniency. It is an FAA requirement. We suggest students use this time to study and prepare for that exam and then be ready and able to take the exam when operations resume. There are multiple sites online to take practice FAA exams. In regards to FAA knowledge exams required for academic course requirements please confer with your academic ground instructor for changes to the course requirements.

9. Can I take my FAA written somewhere else besides UND?
Yes! You can do this at any FAA testing center. Just make sure to bring your score sheet to our records center when you return to UND. They need to have it in your Part 141 file.

10. If I am able to fly outside of UND during this time, will the hours count towards course requirements?
You would be able to log these hours for your overall aeronautical experience, such as towards your total time requirements for the Restricted – ATP, but they would not count towards any of the Part 141 flight course requirements. Those need to be done within the Part 141 flight school, using our aircraft, our instructors and our TCOs.

11. How will current students be impacted by the incoming class for Fall of 2020, especially if we are behind in our flight training?
We are in the process of discussing plans for how and when we will operate once the decision is made that we are able to commence flight training safely. Once we have a concreate plan, and a better idea of the timeline we will communicate that with all students. We have a long standing history of keeping our current students flying and progressing through their flight training successfully, that philosophy will not change as we look towards the future.

12. Will UND institute the same process as they did during the flood of 1997 when students were able to enroll in the next flight course without being done with the prerequisite flight course?
We learned a lot of lessons from the Grand Forks flood of 1997, and there are some similarities in what we are dealing with in this present situation. We did learn that having students’ progress in the academic courses, while being behind in the flight training did not set up our students for success. It is vitally important to have the academic course align with the flight training

13. I skipped lessons and have, therefore, not completed every lesson listed in the template at this point. Does this mean I cannot reserve a seat in the next flight course?
Not necessarily. AIMS simply performs a count of completed lessons in your current course rather than a check for completion of specific lessons. For example, if the template requires you to be complete through lesson 12 in the course, the system will not check for completion of lesson 1 through 12, but will instead look for 12 completed lessons in that course (regardless of the actual lesson number).

14. What is the plan for flight training this summer?
This is an area that is yet to be determined and depends entirely on how long the COVID-19 mitigation and suspension of flight training will take place. Our focus continues to be the health and safety of all students and employees.

ATC Training Related Questions

1. Will I get a refund on my Air Traffic Control lab fee?
The University is currently considering requests to refund various fees and expenses that students may have incurred. We will be back in touch as soon as we have more information. The Air Traffic faculty are diligently working on ways to incorporate aids into their online courses for the remainder of the semester.

2. Will ATC Open Labs be open during the period of remote instruction?
No. UND has directed all non-essential personnel to work remotely as of Monday March 16, 2020.

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