Aviation Department Flight Course Updates

Aviation Students –

This is an update for everyone concerning Summer and Fall airplane flight training courses.

Students must understand the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve requiring plans to change.

Our goal continues to be the health and safety of UND students and employees. We will continue to follow the guidance provided by UND, the North Dakota Department of Health, and the city of Grand Forks.

We are still hopeful that flight training will resume in time for the June 8 summer session. That is an assumption that is subject to change based on the recommendations of health officials. Students that are not in Grand Forks should remain where they are until plans for UND flight training are official. Students will be contacted within 21 days of when they are expected to be back on campus. Do not return to Grand Forks prior to being told to do so.

Summer Flight Courses

Student demand for the summer flight courses is high and great to see. However, we must limit these numbers to a realistic level knowing the amount of finish up flight training needed from the Spring and Fall semesters.

1.Summer registration is closed. All courses are full and with waitlists.

2. We are increasing all Summer flight training courses to 40 seats to accommodate more students.

3. Flight training is required. You cannot take a summer flight training class remotely and not conduct the flight training this summer. Students must drop the summer flight course if this applies to them.

4. Students will be approved into the summer flight training courses in order of their flight training progress. The date and time in which students added themselves to AIMS registration does not apply, nor does the AIMS status (“added” or “waitlist”). This is a deviation from past procedures. Some will think this is not fair. Again, the COVID-19 situation requires us all to adjust. Currently, this revised procedure applies to summer 2020 courses only.

5. Students do not have to be done with their previous flight training to take a summer course. As long as the AIMS registration requirements were met, the student will be allowed to continue.

6. AVIT 415 will go above 40 seats this summer to accommodate the students nearing the end of their college course work. Students will be addressed on a case by case basis.

7. Summer flight courses have the risk of being canceled or delayed if UND flight training does not resume by early June. In the event of cancellation, fall enrollment will be re-evaluated to ensure as many students as possible are accommodated into the appropriate fall course.

8. Students must be aware UND housing and the UND airport shuttle is affected this summer. Students relying on UND housing and/or the UND airport shuttle should carefully consider their options.

Fall Flight Courses

Many students are asking questions about the Fall flight training courses. Answers to many of those questions are not known yet as we all navigate the COVID-19 situation. Updates will be sent throughout the summer as decisions are made.

1. Decisions regarding the requirements and expectations of the Fall flight training courses is contingent on when UND flight training resumes and the status of the student body as a whole.

2. The AIMS registration requirements have been reduced to 12 completed lessons. This change affects all flight training courses except for AVIT 222 which was already at 12 lessons and AVIT 325 which does not have any flight training pre-req at this time.

3. The flight training pre-requisite to remain in class this Fall will be determined at a later date as we monitor our status.

Please be safe and stay well. Thank you for your ongoing patience as we continue to navigate through this difficult situation.

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