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Aviation Students –

Please see information below for updates on several registration issues and on the status of Flight Operations. We will continue to provide updates as information becomes available and decisions are made.

Summer Flight Courses
We have gained approval from the FAA to deliver our summer ground school courses remotely (online). This does not mean we have gained approval to resume flight training. That is not an FAA decision, but a university decision in accordance with guidance from local, state, and federal authorities.

Registration for summer flight courses is closed. Registration remains open for non-flight summer courses. Students who signed-up for a summer flight course in AIMS were reshuffled in order of flight progress. This meant that some students who initially held a status of “added” were removed from the roster and some who held a status of “waitlist” were added. Additionally, capacity in each section was increased to 40.

These steps were taken to reduce strain on the flight schedule as much as possible, which would allow for increased capacity for students finishing spring flight training over the summer. While an increase in summer section capacity may seem counter-intuitive, when paired with the flight progress reshuffle, this provided a reasonable compromise that accommodated more students who would contribute minimal demand to the flight schedule. With the exception of 415, if you have not received an email stating you are authorized to register for a summer flight course, you should sign-up for a fall flight course. You will not be accommodated in a summer flight course.

As most 415 students are quickly approaching graduation, we intend to accommodate additional students beyond the limit of 40. We will move down the list in order of flight training progress on an individual basis. You will be contacted if we are able to accommodate.

Students who were removed from the rosters are likely frustrated and upset. Again, these steps were taken to ensure we have the capacity to finish spring semester flight training while making forward progress in subsequent courses over the summer to minimize risk of an over-capacity situation in the fall.

Fall Flight Courses
Campus Connection authorizations for fall flight courses have not yet been distributed. We are awaiting further information on summer flight training before proceeding. Further disruption to the summer schedule would create substantial movement in the fall semester AIMS reservation system as students switch classes. If those students were already registered for these classes in Campus Connection, each student would be burdened with a complex and time-consuming process to adjust schedules in both systems (AIMS and Campus Connection). In an attempt to mitigate this, we will not issue these Campus Connection authorizations until we are confident that summer will proceed as planned.

As of now, we do not intend to reshuffle fall students in order of flight training progress, although this is subject to change depending on the outcome of summer.

If you are waitlisted for a fall flight course, this does not mean that you will not take a flight course this fall. The waitlist is a tool intended to gauge demand. Adjustments will likely be made to accommodate as many students as possible. As discussed during the Spring Safety Seminar, we have much more flexibility, capacity, and options in the fall and spring semesters compared to summer.

A decision has not yet been made on what lesson/progress needs to be achieved to remain in a fall flight course at the beginning of the semester. Again, the outcome of summer will have a substantial impact on this decision.

“Requisites Not Met” Error
Some students have encountered challenges in registering for non-flight courses that have a flight course prerequisite. Students may have been met with a “requisites not met” error, even though flight training from the applicable course has been completed. After investigation, it was determined that this error is due to the “SP” grade posted on the transcript from that flight course prerequisite. The grade conversion process from an SP to a letter grade is not automatic; it is a multi-step manual process, which would explain why some students still have an SP even though flight training has been completed. As a department, we never intended for an SP grade to prevent enrollment in a subsequent course. The Registrar’s Office was notified of this issue and they were able to develop a solution, although it may take a few weeks to be implemented in Campus Connection. In the meantime, please reach out to the academic instructor for the course you are attempting to register for or email flightcourse@aero.und.edu.

Students who are attempting to register for both 324 and 221 in the fall are also met with a “requisites not met” error. Please email flightcourse@aero.und.edu or the 324 academic instructor to resolve this. We can confirm your intent to register for 221 via AIMS and issue an override for 324 if capacity allows.

Options for AVIT 102 Completion
AVIT 102 students now have the option to complete their Private Pilot certification outside of UND. These students have been contacted via email with instructions and additional information. Due to complexities with Part 141 and Restricted ATP eligibility, this option is unavailable for other courses at this time.

FAA Knowledge Test (Written Exam) Completion
As always, students are able to complete an FAA Knowledge Test (written exam) at any FAA-approved testing center. Upon return to UND, students must submit the original copy of the test report (with raised seal) to the Records Center for certification processing. Please be advised that many FAA testing centers are currently closed.

Flight Operations Status
We hope to resume student flight training in time for the June 8 summer session. Students must not return to Grand Forks until invited to do so. Students and Flight Instructors will be required to complete a 14-day self-isolation period when traveling back from outside the local area. Details of what courses and what students are invited back and when is based on many factors including the date we are approved to resume student flight training. We are considering many other factors that include students graduating, students with minimal training remaining, specifics courses, semester, etc.

We have developed COVID-19 mitigation procedures that are in line with recommendations from the CDC, ND Department of Health, and UND. These include aircraft cleaning procedures, a reduced flight schedule to limit congestion, plexiglass barriers installed in Dispatch and Records, new facility operating procedures, and many more.

Our aircraft Maintenance and Line departments have been doing a great job maintaining the fleet. Every week a portion of the fleet is taken from the hangars and a long engine run-up is conducted. The aircraft are not just sitting around. They are being taken care of and will be ready when we resume flight training.

As mentioned in previous communications, all issues related to ground school registration should be directed to flightcourse@aero.und.edu. Issues related to flight labs should be addressed to flightlab@aero.und.edu. Sending an issue to the incorrect address will result in a delayed response.

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