UND announces plans for a phased restart of flight training

Aviation students are urged not to return to campus until they are invited to do so

As the University of North Dakota launches its 2020 Summer Sessions, UND Interim President Joshua Wynne and incoming President Andy Armacost announced today a phased plan to resume student flight training.

The restart plan calls for some students to resume flight training as early as Tuesday, May 26. Because of the phased-nature of the restart, UND Aerospace urges students NOT to return to campus until notified by UND Flight Operations of their targeted start date.

Even with the restart, state directives concerning individuals traveling to North Dakota from other countries remain unchanged. Individuals returning from another country MUST self-quarantine for 14 days, upon arrival. Furthermore, individuals coming from another state, though not required, are ENCOURAGED to do likewise.

“The decision to restart flight training came after a lot of hard work and dedication by University administrators, staff and faculty on how to operate safely during this unprecedented time,” said UND Aerospace Dean Paul Lindseth.

In accordance with University goals for a COVID-19 resistant campus, UND Aerospace’s restart plan includes increased precautions and safety measures, such as:

• Rearranged dispatch scheduling at the Grand Forks airport and Ryan Hall to accommodate social distancing.

• Required completion of COVID-19 screening forms and temperature checks when entering UND Flight Operations or Ryan Hall.

• Mandatory use of masks in aircraft and public areas at UND Flight Operations.

• Increased sanitation procedures for aircraft, other training areas and public spaces.

UND Aerospace also conducted a safety risk assessment regarding its restart plan, per the Federal Aviation Administration’s Safety Management System. These mitigation techniques were developed based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the North Dakota Department of Health and with constant consultation with numerous other flight schools across the country.

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