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Updated 6-2-20
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1. What is the process for being called back to resume flight training this summer?
Last week a survey was distributed to all students that were on the flight schedule in March. It is imperative that you complete that survey in order to inform us of your intentions for the summer. We are currently working through the details of the re-start process. You will be notified by us of your tentative re-start date.

2. Do I need to wait 14-days to resume flight training?
If you return to Grand Forks via public transportation (airlines, busses or trains) you will need to complete a 14-day wait period prior to resuming flight training. If you drive yourself to Grand Forks in a personal vehicle, you will not need to wait 14-days. This is a recent change and is different than what was presented during the May 22, 2020 webinar.

3. Why are new summer flight courses being offered?
We must offer new flight courses in the summer to ease demand in the fall. If we did not offer these courses, the demand would not have simply disappeared- it would have shifted to subsequent semesters. This would have created substantial capacity challenges in the fall that would have resulted in many more students being denied an opportunity to fly. This decision was critical to ensure we can accommodate as many students as possible in the fall.

4. Why are students enrolled in summer given the priority to return?
To be honest, we needed to start somewhere in deciding when and how to re-start flight operations. The leadership team decided it made the most sense to start this summer with students currently enrolled in summer flight courses as these students require more time to complete training (spring finish-up training plus summer flight course). Students who are not taking a summer course only need to complete spring finish-up training and, therefore, do not need the full length of summer to conduct their training. The decision to re-organize summer flight courses based on training progress allows us to recall more students earlier as summer students have less finish-up training to complete, which opens up more resources.

5. Will I be with my same CFI that I had prior to March?
Maybe. As we navigate the difficult puzzle of re-starting flight operations we will do our best to keep the original CFI/student pairing. However, this may not be possible for a number of different reasons. Our management team at the airport is in the process reviewing instructor assignments and will notify students of any changes.

6. Are masks required to be worn at flight operations?
Yes. Everyone is required to wear a face mask in all public areas at Flight Operations and Ryan Hall. When flying in the aircraft, you will need to wear a surgical face mask. UND will be providing each CFI and student a set of six surgical face masks to use during flight training activities. More information regarding these procedures can be found on the Flight Operations COVID training blackboard site.

7. Will students be able to remain in their Fall 2020 flight course, even if they are not completely done with their previous flight course?
Yes. As long as you have 12 completed lessons from the previous flight course, you will be able to remain in the next flight course for Fall of 2020. Our plan is to resume to normal pre-requisite requirements for Spring 2021.

8. Does traveling/working in East Grand Forks require a 14-day isolation?
No, as long as you do not take public transportation to and from work.

9. Do I have to come back to Grand Forks this summer just to finish my flight training?
No. You can resume your flight training in the Fall semester. Neither students nor instructors are being pressured to resume flight training until they are ready. While the final impact to the airline industry is not yet clear, we do expect that hiring will be slower than it was in the recent past. This is the perfect time to be in school. You may want to consider adding a minor, pursuing a second major, or just enjoying having a bit more time to enjoy your education while not feeling pressured to join the workforce as quickly as possible.

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