What is UND doing to stay safe during the current COVID-19 pandemic?

First and foremost:
The health and safety of our students and employees remains our top priority.

What are we doing to achieve this?
Created tools and procedures to mitigate the transfer of COVID-19:

  • Appendix B—Pandemic Plan(COVID-19) created for SP&P to create a foundation;
  • Face coverings required in the following areas:
    • Indoor public locations
    •  Surgical Masks required in Aircraft, AATD (Sim) & Briefings
  • All personnel and students entering a facility are required to complete a screening form to help filter higher levels of risk out;
  • Promoting Social distancing throughout the airport by removing furni-ture and adding X’s where lines typically formed;
  • Center Hangar turned into a waiting area;
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures developed for aircraft and facilities;
  • All supplies provided and readily available for all students and employ-ees at UND Aerospace facilities and aircraft
    • Surgical masks; Hand Sanitizer; Cleaning Supplies
  • Continual discussions for improvements and changes as information surrounding COVID19 changes.

Last but not least—
COVID-19 is one risk factor added to many others that exist in flight training. Organi-zationally, we will continue to communicate and educate our pilots to not let these other risk factors take a back seat to COVID-19. Traffic Congestion, Loss of Control events on the ground, Radio Communication, etc are just as important today as they were in March when we conducted our last training flight. Together we can do this. 


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