Digital Screening has been approved! Effective Immediately

UND Flight Operations CFIs, students and staff,

We recently received word that our digital screening process has been approved.  The hope is to increase efficiency in the screening process. In keeping it simple – the questions on the digital screening form are identical to the questions on the paper form.

We will start accepting the digital screening process immediately for those that want to use it, today July 9th. Monday July 13th we will no longer be accepting paper forms unless you are a visitor or don’t have the means to submit a digital request.

What do you need to do?

  1. Prior to you arriving at the screening table complete the following form from the link or QR CODE: (Both are at the entrances in case you forget).
  2. You will show the screener the following information if your responses are accepted(populated at the end of your survey) along with a photo ID to confirm the name. Ramp badge is preferred due to ID number verification.
  3. The screener will take your temperature;
  4. Give you a dot for the day.

And you are done!

Thanks again for your flexibility!

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