Flight Training Update (7-9-20)

Flight Training Students,

We are happy to say that nearly all students requesting flight training this summer have been invited back to flight training.  What has allowed us to get to this point is a combination of students completing their training, increasing flight instructor staffing, and some of our flight instructors achieving experience levels allowing for advanced training.  But most of all is everyone’s attention and adherence to our COVID mitigation procedures.  It is working because of all of the students and employees.

Nearly all students still waiting to be invited back to flight training are in AVIT 325.  The other remaining students have indicated they do not want to return until August.  We do expect MEI availability to increase as we move through the rest of the summer.  We have some in MEI training now and others near completion.

Fall 2019 Students

We have received approval from the FAA extending the flight training deadline for students enrolled in Fall 2019 courses and still working on that flight training.  The deadline has been extended to January 1, 2021.

The Fall 2020 Semester

Planning has begun and we will communicate to all of the students in August.  Expect to see some changes to what was done in the past in areas like completing TSA clearances, interaction with the airport bookstore, FAA enrollment procedures and many others.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.  Expect to hear from us soon.

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