Fall 2020 Flight Training Courses

AVIT Flight Training Students,

Our Fall 2020 semester begins next week.  It is very important that you stay informed and know the plans for the beginning of the semester.  Please spend the time referencing the information prepared for you.  Not doing so could result in delays to your flight training.

Please use the link below to access detailed information about your flight training course.


If you have questions about your flight training, please contact the Asst. Chief Flight Instructor responsible for that course.

Assistant Chief Flight Instructors

AVIT 102 – Aaron Fettig or Cody Stauffer

Aaron.fettig.2@und.edu or 701-777-7903

Cody.stauffer@und.edu or 701-777-7818


AVIT 221 – Rob Clausen

Robert.clausen@und.edu or 701-777-7863


AVIT 222 – Antonia Wagener

Antonia.wagener@und.edu or 701-777-7811


AVIT 323 – Rob Clausen

Robert.clausen@und.edu or 701-777-7863


AVIT 325 – John Rudolph

John.rudolph@und.edu or 701-777-7940


AVIT 414 and 415 – Paula Raaum

Paula.raaum@und.edu or 701-777-7851


AVIT 480 – Matt Opsahl

Matthew.opsahl@und.edu or 701-777-4480


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