Policy Change – Travel on Public Transportation

UND Aerospace Students,

The following is an email that just went out to the Flight Instructor group regarding a change that was recently approved for Public Transportation.

After much work involving many departments at Flight Ops, the College, and University, we are pleased to announce the 14 day no flight training period required after using public transportation across state lines has been revised.

Students and Flight Instructors who wear a proper face mask at all times while using public transportation are not subject to a 14 day no flight training period.  The requirement to wear a proper face mask includes time while inside the facilities and terminals associated with public transportation.

For example: Person XYZ is flying home for the holidays.  As long as that person wears a proper face mask at all times while in the airport and on the airplane they are not required to complete a 14 day no fly period.

This policy is subject to change on short notice.

What will change the policy?  Dishonesty and lying on the Flight Ops screening process.  Concerns or changes to COVID levels and/or trends.

The Screening Form has also been updated accordingly.

  • Slight change to the international question
    • Specifies countries that require a quarantine upon arrival back into Grand Forks.
  • Slight change to close contact question
    • If you are a close contact – Quarantine (meaning while interacting with someone during their infectious period, if either of you were not wearing a proper face covering and or properly wearing the mask(covering nose and mouth the entire time) you are required by the NDDoH to quarantine for 14 days. (Improper face coverings defined by state: Gatos, masks with valves or face shields without a proper face mask)
    • If you are a close contact – Self Monitor – this means that during your entire interaction, both individuals were properly masked during the entire interaction, you may continue to train, and just monitor your symptoms.
      • This is only a NDDoH option.  If you are required to quarantine by another state, you must follow their guidance accordingly which will prevent you from flight training.

Please keep in mind that although these changes are effective immediately, it is important to understand that based on COVID trends, this policy could be reinstated on short notice.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this pandemic.

Stay healthy and FLY SAFE!!!


Brian Willis

Director of Safety

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