ND NASA CAN FY2019 Announcement – RFP

In response to the FY 2019 Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) solicitation, the North Dakota NASA Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) is soliciting research proposals from faculty at Affiliate Institutions specifically designed to promote and expand NASA research in North Dakota.  One proposal will be selected by ND NASA EPSCoR for full submission for the CAN.  Following preliminary proposal selection by ND NASA EPSCoR, the selected PI must submit an NOI before October 22, 2018 and a full proposal by December 7, 2018.


Pre-proposal guidance can be found here.


Financial questions may be directed to:

Laurie Hansen

(701) 777-4043



Pre-proposal Submission

Submit completed pre-proposals as email attachments to both ND NASA EPSCoR Director and Deputy Director by Noon, October 8, 2018.

Jim Casler, Director                           Caitlin Nolby, Deputy Director

(701) 777-3462                                (701) 777-4856

casler@space.edu                             cnolby@space.edu

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