VCSU Pre-service Teacher Workshop

The NDSGC conducted a pre-service teacher workshop with educators at Valley City State University on November 14, 2018. Resources included in the workshop can be downloaded at the following links.


North Dakota Space Grant Educator’s Brochure

Educator Resources

Workshop PowerPoint

NASA Centers (Table Tents)



Stomp Rockets

Educator Instructions

Student Instructions

Rocket Template

4H Rocket Materials List

Space Grant Rocket Materials List

Stomp Rockets Budget Sheet


Click here to watch two boosters of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Heavy Rocket land on Cape Canaveral’s launch pads! It’s such an incredible feat, something they had to practice multiple times before getting it to work. When they do land the empty rocket, they’re saving over $50 million everytime! (You can also youtube the failures exploding upon landing – educational as well – you can show your students real-life examples of engineering retests.)


Educator Survey

We appreciate all feedback in order to improve this workshop. Please click here for a quick survey.

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