SpSt Faculty Candidate Presentation on January 16th

The Space Studies department has invited Dr. Fernando Stancato to campus to interview for a faculty position as a Research Assistant Professor. Please join us for his presentation.

Fernando Stancato, Ph.D.

Aerospace Engineer

Environmental Control Systems
Embraer Defense and Security

São Paulo, Brazil

Presentation Title:  Life Support Systems: Thermal Comfort Evaluation

Date: Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Time:  2:00 p.m. (Central time)

Location:  Ryan Hall, Room 111

About the topic: One of the life support system functions is to provide thermal comfort to crew and passengers inside a spacecraft. This is a challenge as the small space between the occupants, the variability of the heat sources, the asymmetry of the air temperature and velocities are some of the obstacles to provide an acceptable thermal ambient. The objective of this presentation is to give a general overview on how to evaluate thermal comfort in this non-homogenous ambient. For this, it will be explained the concept of thermal comfort and its evaluation in homogenous and non-homogenous ambient. The concept of equivalent temperature is presented. It is shown the different designs of thermal manikins and its use. Numerical evaluation using CFD is growing and its capabilities will be shown along with applications in aerospace industry.

About the speaker: Dr. Fernando Stancato received its PhD and MSc from the Polytechnic Engineering School of the University of São Paulo. He was the Director of the Space Research group at University of North of Parana from 1999 to 2005 where a number of different projects were carried out including the first Brazilian Nano-satellite.

In 2006 the joined EMBRAER as Environmental Control System engineer working in different aircraft projects as the regional Ejets aircrafts and Phenom and Legacy executive jets. At the Research and Development Department, he led research projects with different universities with the focus on thermal comfort and human factors. Nowadays is working in the Life Support System for the Gripen fighter aircraft.

Served in different international committees being the Vice Chair of Space Education and Outreach Committee of IAF for six years. He had received a number of awards including SAE Best Paper Award and Embraer Distinguished Service Award.


A simple live webcast will be available here.

The Adobe Connect webcast is available here. Questions for the speaker may be posted at this site during the presentation.



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