ILMAH Mission VII to begin April 25th

Space Studies will launch Mission VII of the Inflatable Lunar/Mars Analog Habitat beginning Thursday, April 25th and running until May 7th. The three-member crew consists of Space Studies grad students Jared Peick and Peter Henson (Mission Specialists), and Stefan Tomovic (Mission Commander). This mission we will focus largely on Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA), geology, microbiology, exercise and human performance.

Experiments include:

EEG Neurocognitive and Physiological Monitoring.

Technical fault analysis of space vehicle subsystems.

Plant production (10 varieties) and assessing planetary soil compositions.

Psychology, behavior and mental health in isolated environments.

Task complexity and memory function.

EVA Performance and Physiological Monitoring.

3-D printed habitat external tile repair.

Planetary surface rovers for human assistance.

High-altitude ballooning with crew assembled payloads.

Retrieval and identification of soil and mineral samples.

Analysis of soil samples for microbial life.

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