NASA Pathways Intern Announcement

NASA will be posting JSC’s next set of Pathways Intern announcements on February 10, 2020, so if you are interested, polish off those resumes and take a look! Also included is a brochure that assists applicants in navigating the application process (see attached).


NASA USA Jobs Brochure PDF


For more details about the program, please check out their online presence at:

–          JSC Pathways Website:

–          Facebook:

–          Twitter:

–          Instagram:

–          YouTube: NASA Pathways Student Experience



Announcement Structure


Nine JSC Pathways Intern announcements will be opening on Monday, 2/10/20. Please forward the direct links below to your networks.


One important note: each job announcement will be considered closed at 10:59 p.m. CST on either the date that a specific number applications are received or on 2/12/20, whichever occurs first. Please encourage applicants to read the postings in their entirety to understand the unique requirements for each announcement.


JOA # JS20I0009 – Computer, Electrical, or Software Engineering (Houston, TX) –


JOA # JS20I0003 – Mechanical Engineering (Houston, TX) –


JOA # JS20I0005 – Aerospace or Aeronautical Engineering (Houston, TX) –


JOA# JS20I0004 – Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, or Materials Science (Houston, TX) –


JOA# JS20I0007 – General Business (Houston, TX) –


JOA# JS20I0006 – Accounting and Budget (Houston, TX) –


JOA# JS20I0002 – Physics, Industrial Engineering, Biomedical Engineering (Houston, TX) –


JOA# JS20I0001 – General Engineering (Las Cruces, NM) –


JOA# JS20I0008 – General Business (Las Cruces, NM) –

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