Thesis Proposal by Justin Germann on October 16th

Space Studies M.S. candidate, Justin Germann, will present his thesis proposal as follows.  All Space Studies students, faculty and staff are encouraged to show your support by attending.

When:  Friday, October 16th at 3:00 pm (Central DST)

Where:  online only – see details below

Title:  “VNIR Spectral Properties of Five G-class Asteroids: Implications for Mineralogy and Geologic Evolution”

About the topic: G-class asteroids are a relatively small group of ~30 asteroids. Ceres is the most prominent member and the most studied member of the G-class, leading many to assume that it is representative of the G-class asteroids. However, recent observations have shown desperate absorption features in the spectra of G-class asteroids in the visible to near infrared spectral ranges (VNIR) (0.4-2.5 µm). This project proposes to investigate the VNIR spectra of five G-class asteroids for measurable absorption features. The observed features will be related to surface mineralogy to gain a greater understanding of the G-class asteroid surface composition, and geologic history. This information will also help determine if Ceres in an outlier or an archetype for the G-class taxonomy.

Advisor:  Dr. Sherry Fieber-Beyer

About the Presenter: Justin Germann is pursuing a M.S. in Space Studies focusing in Planetary Science and holds a B.S. of Geology from the University of North Dakota. As an undergraduate Justin worked on a research project involving meteorite classification. He currently works as a Graduate Research assistant under Dr. Fieber-Beyer and Dr. Gaffey where he conducts observations of asteroids with the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility, reduces telescope data, and assists with observation planning. Upon completion of his M.S. in Space Studies Justin hopes to continue his education in a Ph.D. program studying Planetary Geology, where he can conduct research on the link between asteroids, meteorites and the formation of Solar Systems.


Join us online via one of two formats:

Via Zoom video conferencing.  Questions for the speaker may be posted at this site during the presentation.

meeting ID number: 974 1850 2032


A simple live webcast will be available at

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