Faculty Changes

Major recent changes to the Space Studies faculty…….

Dr. Jim Casler, Professor and Chair, retired from UND on August 14th.  Congratulations Jim!  Enjoy retirement life!

Dr. Pablo de León accepted the responsibility of being our Space Studies chair on August 15th.  Upward and onward!  Pablo will lead the department to even greater heights.  Congratulations Pablo!

Dr. Keith Crisman is the latest addition to the Space Studies faculty.  Hired as an Assistant Professor, Dr. Crisman’s areas of specialty are human centered design, microgravity medical systems and procedures architecture, microgravity and off-planet habitation simulation, neutral buoyancy microgravity analogs and additive manufacturing. He earned his PhD from the Florida Institute of Technology’s Human Centered Design program with an emphasis on rescue and safety systems pertaining to human spaceflight and microgravity environments. Welcome!

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