Fastcase Acquires Loislaw

Law students, having access to Westlaw and Lexis, may not be familiar with the lower-cost options Fastcase and Loislaw. It is nevertheless of interest that Fastcase has acquired Loislaw and has announced plans to “sunset” that latter product in late November.

This effectively reduces the number of budget-minded electronic legal research products to three: FastcaseCasemaker and Versuslaw. While there was never exactly an abundance of such services, it’s sobering to see the disappearance of what was once considered among the most promising. Nevertheless, Fastcase and Casemaker’s business model of forming alliances with state bar organizations* appears to be successful and advantageous to practitioners. If you’re interested in trying either or both, UND Law Students can use Fastcase here (on-campus only) or set up a Casemaker account here.

For details, see

*Members of the State Bar of North Dakota have access to Casemaker at no additional cost.

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