Professor Grant Christensen co-authors new book titled Reading American Indian Law: Foundational Principles

Professor Grant Christensen, along with Melissa Tatum from the University of Arizona, have just had their most recent book published by Cambridge University Press. Reading American Indian Law: Foundational Principles builds on their original research looking at the impact of legal scholarship on policy makers and judges in the area of Indian law. The book combines new insights on the relationship between academia and the development of the law with a curated sampling of 16 of the most important pieces of legal scholarship over the last thirty years.

Collectively, these articles explore the core concepts underlying the field: the range of voices including those of tribal governments and tribal courts, the role property has played in federal Indian law, and the misunderstandings between both people and sovereigns that have shaped changes in the law. Structured with flexibility in mind, the book is designed to be useful for a wide range of audiences, from practitioners looking to develop their understanding of the origins and policies of federal Indian law, to students learning these concepts for the first time.

The book is available in hardback, paperback, and as an ebook from all major booksellers by January 30, 2020.