2017 NSBC User Handbook– Do you want to print out one document with all the important deadlines, regulations, and competition objectives?

2017 NSBC Proposal Submission– Want to submit a proposal and compete in this year’s NSBC?

Judges’ Form – Take a look at the criteria that our judges will consider when analyzing the payloads.

Minors Event Safety Form – Are any of your students under 18? Please have their parents/guardians sign this form and bring it with you to integration night.

NASA Media Release Form (Adults) – If you are 18 or older and give us permission to post any images that you’re in, sign this form.

NASA Media Release Form (Minors) – If you younger than 18 and want to give us permission to post any images that you’re in, have a parent or guardian sign this form..

Launch Day Documents

Iridium Tracker (primary system)

SPOT shared page (backup system)

Facebook Live Stream of launch


Past Media

Check out Space Grant’s YouTube page for videos!

We obtained great images, videos, and documentaries over the past five NSBC launches.

Take a look at the Aerospace Network’s (ASN) documentary.

Want to see a balloon burst at 100,000 feet? Click here.

Are you a teacher curious about the balloon mission process? Take a look at an 8th grade thesis launch, similar to NSBC.

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