2017 NSBC User Handbook– Do you want to print out one document with all the important deadlines, regulations, and competition objectives?

2017 NSBC Proposal Submission– Want to submit a proposal and compete in this year’s NSBC?

Judges’ Form – Take a look at the criteria that our judges will consider when analyzing the payloads.

Minors Event Safety Form – Are any of your students under 18? Please have their parents/guardians sign this form and bring it with you to integration night.

NASA Media Release Form (Adults) – If you are 18 or older and give us permission to post any images that you’re in, sign this form.

NASA Media Release Form (Minors) – If you younger than 18 and want to give us permission to post any images that you’re in, have a parent or guardian sign this form..

Launch Day Documents

SPOT shared page


Past Media

We obtained great images, videos, and documentaries over the past five NSBC launches.

Take a look at the Aerospace Network’s (ASN) documentary.

Want to see a balloon burst at 100,000 feet? Click here.

Are you a teacher curious about the balloon mission process? Take a look at an 8th grade thesis launch, similar to NSBC.

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