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Greetings from the School of Graduate Studies! Once again it is our turn to “blog” about what is happening in graduate education this spring semester, 2016.

We are pleased to note that our graduate student enrollment for spring semester 2016 increased slightly over enrollment for spring semester of 2015. Also, Michael Hinschberger, our Enrollment Management Officer and Recruiter spent 8 weeks during fall semester traveling across the United States participating in graduate recruiting fairs. His recruiting efforts have paid off as we are seeing a larger number of graduate applications being submitted for academic year 2016-17. We have been receiving about 30 applications a day for the past few weeks. We are expecting that this increase in applications will result in an increase in graduate student enrollment at UND next fall.

In the last guest Blog, I alerted you to the upcoming annual Scholarly Forum, March 1 and 2. Well, it is now just two weeks away and we are very excited about this year’s event. Naomi Hansen, our Director of Marketing and Communication, is coordinating this year’s Scholarly Forum and has everything in the Memorial Union prepared for our 15th annual show of student and faculty research.  As in the past, this year’s Scholarly Forum will be held in on the second floor of the Memorial Union and will include oral presentations by students and faculty all day Tuesday, March 1, and from 8:00 to 12:00 on Wednesday.  The poster sessions will be open from 12:00-3:00 on Wednesday. The Dean’s Lecture Hour will be on Tuesday, from 12:00 to 1:00 in the Lecture Bowl. I am pleased to announce that the speaker this year is Dr. Alycia Cummings, Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Dr. Cumming’s research is in the area of typical and atypical speech and language acquisition and she has just recently received an NIH grant to support her research. We are very pleased she will be presenting at this year’s Dean’s Lecture Hour. Over the past few years, the Scholarly Forum has continued to grow in number of faculty and students showcasing their research. This forum is a unique opportunity for graduate students, undergraduate students and faculty to be able to spend time together sharing their research activities and being able to learn from each other. I hope you will be able to participate in our two day research forum on March 1 and 2.

In addition to her work on the Scholarly Forum, Naomi Hansen has also been very busy with the Marketing activities for the School of Graduate Studies. On April 27th, 2016, the School of Graduate Studies will be hosting a Graduate Exposition in the Memorial Union Loading Dock. We will look at targeting undergraduate students exploring available options after graduation and also use this platform to enhance graduate education awareness across the campus community.  This event will include a partnership with the Graduate Student Association in offering a workshop series on academic writing, publishing, research, and copyright that will greatly benefit both current and future graduate students.

We have also created a number of video ads in partnership with the Television Center to promote graduate education within various programs on campus.  The School of Graduate Studies has developed an ad that we use to market on the movie screens at River Cinema 15, Grand Forks Herald website, Fargo Forum website and on our SGS homepage. Click here to watch the graduate education ad. We have digital signage in the Memorial Union, Choice Fitness through the Grand Forks Park District and electronic reader board signs by the Ralph Engelstad Arena.

As you have seen from periodic updates in the University Letter, the search for the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies is progressing nicely.  A good applicant pool is developing and interviewing of prospective candidates will begin soon. We are appreciative of the Search Committee Co-Chairs, Debbie Storrs and Gwen Halaas, as well as all of the search committee members, for their work in recruiting our new Dean.

And, since it is only a few days away, let me say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to all of you!

Dean Wayne Swisher, School of Graduate Studies

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