Guest Blog: Engineering and Mines

The Collaborative Energy Complex (CEC) will soon become the newest addition to our Engineering compound. It highlights our accomplishments and symbolizes the collaborative spirit that has guided the development of this project from the first day. I am grateful to the numerous individuals and organizations that have worked collaboratively to help us make a distant dream a nearing reality.

Each morning as I pass by the construction site of the CEC, just as many of you do, I cannot help but reflect on all the great work that our faculty, staff, students, executive board members and supporters have been doing in the nearly 8 years since we started working together in 2008.

Our College has witnessed tremendous success, advancement, and growth during those years. The annual college expenditure increased by more than 90%; student enrollment increased by more than 84%; annual research expenditure more than doubled in FY 12; number of academic units increased by 40%; and number of degree programs increased by 42%.  In addition, we have raised more than $42 million to support the major initiatives of the College. The student scholarship endowment grew by over 79% and professorship endowment grew from zero to $9.5 million.

I am so proud of our faculty and staff, who work hard each day to advance the College and to provide our students with the richest possible learning experience. I am also extremely grateful for the generous support of our alumni, corporate friends, and the College’s Executive Board. I look forward to our bright future and to the excitement awaiting us as we continue the journey that we started together.



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