On Schedule to Deliver the Strategic Plan

The Strategic Planning process is moving full steam ahead as the three pillar working groups of Learning, Discovery, and Engagement each met to ferret out the final goals, metrics, and action items this past week.  The Strategic Planning process is integral to the future of the University, but is especially important at this time of budget cuts and uncertainty.  President Kennedy attended the pillar working group sessions and noted how impressed he was that the Strategic Planning committee and working groups continued to plow forward through this process amidst the ever changing landscape that is happening due to budget cuts, changing economic conditions, and the like. 


What’s Next?

There will be a meeting mid-April to finalize the Strategic Plan and coordinate campus wide informational sessions of the Strategic Plan by each pillar working group.  The sessions will review each pillar’s goals, metrics, and action plan.  Attendees will learn about the direction and accountability the University is taking in Learning, Discovery, and Engagement and will have the chance to ask questions of that working group.  Times and dates on the informational sessions will be solidified by the mid-April meeting. 

Do you have ideas on how to best convey this information to the entire campus community?  If so, feel free to comment on this blog site or email und.strategicplanning@und.edu.

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