Working Groups

Working groups are a critical part of the process of building UND’s strategic plan based on the involvement of the largest possible group of stakeholders.  Working groups have and will continue to be developed to address wider engagement and review of the building blocks of the plan, research and data information, and to work on the individual strategic initiatives at a more microscopic level.  If Faculty, Staff, or Students have interest in learning more or participating in working groups, please email


Sandra Mitchell – Lead
Margaret Williams
Roy Roach
David Nguyen
Angelique Foster
Stacey Borboa-Peterson – Data


Kathryn Rand – Lead
Duane Helleloid
Melissa Gjellstad – Data

Liberal Arts

Becky Weaver-Hightower – Temp. Lead
Debbie Storrs
Stephanie Walker
Jeff Holm – EWG
Blake Andert – Data

Excellence in Research / Scholarship

Grant McGimpsey – Lead
Soizik Laguette
Hesham El-Rewini
Abbie Christiansen
Steve Light
Brad Myers – Data


Brandon Beyer – Lead
Pam Henderson
Maridee Shogren
Todd Feland
Paul Lindseth
Cindy Juntunen – Data


Peter Johnson – Lead
Tiffany Ford
Gwen Haalas
Hal Gershman
DeAnna Carlson Zink


Jason Trainer – Lead
Gayle Roux
Derek Sporbert
Sol Jenson – Data


Michael Mann – Lead
Lisa Burger
Cara Halgren
Scott Correll
Tom Mohr
Shawn McHale – Data


Engagement – EWG

Carrie Herrig – Lead
Chris Zigarlicke
Amber Flynn
Jeff Holm
Andrea Boe
Steve Light
Tanner Rosendahl

Data Liaisons

Cindy Juntunen
Melissa Gjellstad
Brad Myers
Blake Andert
Stacey Borboa Peterson
Shawn McHale

Coordinating Team

Dana Harsell – Co-chair
Laurie Betting – Co-chair
Barry Horwitz
Steve Light
Jill Novotny