Earlier this month Mathew Pellish, through our partnership with the Education Advisory Board in Washington, DC, presented to our campus on “Redefining the Academic Library.” Several of the 90-100 people who attended his sessions reported finding them informative and helpful in understanding the sea change that academic libraries are experiencing and useful in learning about strategies that some universities are using to address such issues. I am pleased to share with you that we are  now able to make available a video stream of Mr. Pellish’s presentation. It is my hope that providing this recording  will allow more members of our campus community – students, faculty, and staff, to have the opportunity to learn more about the issues facing campus libraries and gain insights related to our Chester Fritz Library.

It is my vision to include a wide range of students, faculty, and staff in creating the library of the future for our campus. I think you will find this  video stream helpful as we prepare for the future of our campus.  https://conted.breeze.und.nodak.edu/p85uuklkjh8/