UND has announced the planned renovation of Wilkerson Hall, beginning this summer and concluding fall 2015. Following its renovation and expansion, the building, located at the intersection of University Avenue and the English Coulee, will serve as a gathering place as well as a state-of-the-art food service area.

Architect’s rendering of Wilkerson Hall renovation, scheduled for completion fall 2015.

Food Service Features
Wilkerson is the largest food service area at UND, and this renovation will help to achieve cost and resource efficiencies by centralizing food production. It will also enhance the quality of food service through a number of innovative features to engage students and educate them about healthy eating options:

  • Eight display cooking service platforms, on which food will be prepared and finished fresh right in front of the students.
  • Chef’s demonstration cooking platform, used to demonstrate healthy cooking techniques, explain the Guiding Stars program and provide separate services for diners with food allergies.
  • Centralized cook and chill operations for making items such as soups, sauces, chili, pasta and meats. This will greatly reduce the amount of processed food required in the cooking.
  • Expanded food options, including ethnic foods, emerging food trends and unique dietary requirements.

Physical Space
The renovated space in Wilkerson Hall will also include exciting new physical features to enable students to study, socialize and relax.  The new design of the lower level will create for students an attractive, contemporary gathering space with comfortable and efficient meeting, study and social areas, along with the technology needed to support those activities. Features will include:

  • Individual and group study areas
  • Larger collaboration spaces
  • Lounge with large fireplace for socializing or electronic gaming
  • Stage for entertainment events
  • Improved movement of people through the structure
  • Attractive architecture and design that will add fresh “curb appeal” to University Avenue

The Wilkerson renovation is part of the Housing and Dining Master Plan that will help determine the most efficient and cost-effective use of our housing and dining facilities. Students have been involved in the entire process from the beginning, by serving on the Wilkerson Building Committee, by providing feedback on the overall design and through participating in the furniture selection.

The Wilkerson renovation also supports the Exceptional UND tenets of “Enriching the Student Experience” and “Encouraging Gathering.”  Noted Vice President of Student Affairs, Lori Reesor, “In the past, Wilkerson Hall has always been the building you go through on your way to someplace else.  But the new Wilkerson Hall will serve as a magnet—drawing students, faculty and staff together.”

For more renovation information and updates, please visit: https://und.edu/student-life/dining/wilkerson-renovation.cfm.

Wilkerson Hall rendering