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This site contains Briefing Sheets on various campus initiatives. The first one, dealing with the Program and Support Service Prioritization process, is listed below.

Watch this page for future Briefing Sheets discussing other campus initiatives.

Program and Support Service Prioritization

What it is:  An initiative to help significantly improve the way we approach the allocation of funds.  We are establishing a process that, over a multi-year period, will enable us to direct resources towards programs and support functions essential to our liberal arts foundation and our mission of teaching and learning, research, scholarship and creative activity, and service.  The process will be designed by two task forces of faculty and staff members–one to examine academic programs and another to examine support functions. Task forces will include 25-30 members each.

This effort will be overseen by a Coordinating Committee that includes Provost Tom DiLorenzo, Vice President Alice Brekke, Senate Chair Ryan Zerr and Senate Chair-elect Melissa Gjellstad.

We have obtained the services of nationally renowned expert and facilitator Larry Goldstein to ensure that our process is sound.  Larry will provide coaching and mentoring at the front end of our process, after which it will be managed internally by the task force members and the Coordinating Committee.

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Budget Model Redesign Briefing Sheet

What it is:

An initiative to address the underlying assumptions and operational details of UND’s current budget process and develop a process that optimizes resource allocation, management, and planning. The March 7 edition of Things to Know highlighted the relationship between Budget Model Redesign and the Program and Support Service Prioritization process. The objectives of the Budget Model Redesign include:

  • Improved alignment with the evolving mission of the University and the strategic priorities of an Exceptional UND.
  • Increased transparency and greater correlation between decision making responsibility and the investment of financial resources.
  • Increased understanding of resource availability and accountability, and incentives that reward innovation.

To accomplish this, UND has partnered with Huron Consulting Group, which is helping the University determine what budget model will best enable UND to reach these goals and guide us through the transition to a new model. [read more]