Cell phone policy posted for campus comment

Policies open to comment may be reviewed and commented on by going directly to the New & Revised Policy Updates website or by clicking the red link below. Polices open to comment have been reviewed by the Policy Advisory Group (unless otherwise indicated) which includes representation from all vice president divisions. The final policy document will take into consideration feedback received during the campus-wide comment period. Comments are due by May 31, 2017.

Cell Phones and Other Mobile Devices – Significantly Revised

As a public institution, the University must demonstrate the prudent use of funds entrusted to it by its various constituencies. The general public, legislators, students, donors, and granted organizations and individuals must be assured that funds are wisely spent and do not personally benefit  University officials and employees. This policy complies with IRS rules and regulations, North Dakota Century Code (NDCC) 16.1-10-02, 44-04, and 54-06-26, and North Dakota State Board of Higher Education (SBHE) policies 807.1, 1202.1 and 1202.3.

Significant changes have been made to this policy document. In summary:

  • Changed responsible office to Telecommunications
  • Revised Policy Statement to put emphasis on technology allowances rather than university-owned mobile devices, added restrictions on mobile carriers and ability to enter into contracts separate from institutional plan, cleaned up additional language
  • Revised Reason for Policy to include prudent use of funds, and added SBHE policies for compliance purposes
  • Added to Related Information: IRS guidance on tax treatment of cell phones, NDCC 44-04, SBHE 1202.1 and 1202.3, UND tech support, and UND surplus property policy
  • Updated Contacts to include new points of contact, phone numbers and web links
  • Updated Definitions to include CIO and NCAA; removed cell phone/mobile phone, mobile computing device, reimbursement, and essential personal purposes; revised content for mobile device and/or service; and renamed monthly payroll amount as technology allowance
  • Added and restructured content within Principles: overview, de minimis use, political purposes, business travel, technical support and mobile carriers
  • Added Procedures: Eligibility Requirements
  • Revised Procedures: Technology Allowances reducing number of allowance tiers from four to two and reducing amounts to coincide with currently available personal cell phone plans; added CIO authorization as requirement; added process to discontinue allowance
  • Revised Procedures: University-Owned Mobile Devices to add department-assigned devices, process to request and discontinue a university-owned mobile device, insurance and replacement of devices, billing and service plans
  • Added Procedures: Terms of Participation
  • Clarified Procedures: Other Reimbursements
  • Added Procedures: Safety and Security When Using Mobile Devices
  • Added Procedures: Preserving Information on Mobile Devices

Contact the F&O Policy Office, (701) 777-4392, if you have questions or submit your comment.