Why? Radio lists upcoming guests

Welcome to another season of Why? Radio. We are so pleased that you are here. We don’t yet have the calendar finalized, but here are some episodes to be excited about:

Sept.. 10: “Is a Universal Basic Income too Utopian to Work?” with Rutger Bregman

Oct. 8: “Is Aging a Disease that Can be Cured?” with Aubrey de Grey

Nov. 12: “What is the best science policy for a democracy?” with Heather Douglas

And some of our unscheduled guests and topics include:

– Daniel Dennett on consciousness.
– Peter Singer on moral decision-making about animals and humans.
– Beth Ritchie investigating the special vulnerability of Black women in prison.
– Cathy O’Neil on how algorithms rule our lives.

and so much more to come!

We will keep you posted, but visit our Upcoming Episodes page for the latest schedule.

— Jack Weinstein, Philosophy and Religious Studies