Blackboard course/organization migrations completed

The scheduled migration of Blackboard course/organization sites from the UND self-hosted system to the NDUS shared cloud system is now complete.  If you still have sites (courses or organizations) on the old Blackboard system ( that you still need access to, please let us know immediately. We will need to move those sites over to the new system by Dec. 15, 2017.  The old Blackboard system will not be accessible after Dec. 31, 2017.  The only access to Blackboard will be through the NDUS shared cloud system at .

If you need to have a site migrated over, please let us know no later than Dec. 15 to allow us time to get it moved over prior to the system being no longer available.  You can submit a support ticket at or send an email to to request any remaining sites be moved over.

Please note that we will not be moving any semester based course sites (fall 2015, spring 2016, summer 2016, etc.) that have not previously been migrated over.  Any Blackboard site that is not migrated over will be archived and can be accessed by request, based on UND’s records retention procedures.

— Diane Lundeen, Learning Space Coordinator/Instructional Technology Applications Administrator, Instructional Design & Digital Learning (formerly part of CILT), a unit of Teaching Transformation & Development Academy (TTaDA)