Dec. 8: “Books, Floods, and Minot: Micah Bloom’s Codex in Context”

Take a break on reading and review day and join us at 3 pm on Friday, Dec. 8, for the first of this year’s Aha! Talks titled “Books, Floods, and Minot: Micah Bloom’s Codex in Context.”

The event will feature a roundtable discussion introducing and celebrating the publication of Micah Bloom’s Codex. Codex is a series of essays and haunting photographs examining the fate of books during the Minot Flood of 2011. The roundtable will feature the artist Micah Bloom (Minot State University), scholar of print history Thora Brylowe (University of Colorado), as well as Sheila Liming and David Haeslin from the Department of English at UND. Brian Schill, author of The Year’s Work in the Punk Bookshelf, Or, Lusty Scripts (Indiana University Press 2017) will moderate and instigate the roundtable.

Download a free copy of Codex here:

This event is sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota, and North Dakota Quarterly.