Energy and environmental sustainability proposals have been selected

The following proposals to expand and enhance UND’s research activities related to the energy and environmental sustainability grand challenge, part of strategic plan goal 4, have been selected.

UND has a long and established track record of conducting energy and environmental sustainability research that makes an impact throughout the world. The goal of this solicitation was to identify and explore additional areas in which we can expand our presence.

The proposals selected follow.

  • Rebecca Romsdahl; Identifying Strategies toward Sustainable Energy Transformations
  • Sima Noghanian, Jason Jensen, Prakash Ranganathan; Legal Consideration in Safe and Secure Radio Frequency Wireless Power Transfer
  • Surijit Gupta, Yun Ji; Foundation of High Impact Sustainable Materials Research program in University of North Dakota
  • Risa Madoff; Proposed Research for Earth Surface Processes and Critical Zone Matters Related to Energy Vulnerabilities Resulting from Climate Change
  • Will Gosnold, Kris Keller, Bradley Meyers, Scott Johnson; Williston Basin Geothermal Energy Industry Growth Plan
  • Meysam Haghshenas; To Stablish Microstructure/Mechanical Property/Processing Correlation in Magnesium Nanocomposite: Light Materials of Future
  • Liz Legerski; Changing Population Dynamics, Community Satisfaction, and Well-being across the Oil Development Life Cycle
  • Wendelin Hume, Yi-Ping Hsieh; Improving the Human Variable in Relation to Energy Cybersecurity
  • Sheila Hanson; Regional Small and Family Business
  • David Delene; Understanding the Sources and Sinks of Volatile Organic Compounds for a Sustainable Environment and Energy Future
  • Minou Rabiei; Enhancing Regulatory Compliance by Capitalizing on Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence: A Mutually Beneficial Regulators-Industry Consortium
  • Daniel Laudal; Bruce Folkedahl, Robert Wood, Kris Keller, Brittany Rew; Rare Earth Elements: Understanding the Economic and Environmental Impacts of New Large Scale U.S.-based Production