Class on N.D. geology and paleontology course will be offered this spring

Faculty are asked to announce that an expanded North Dakota geology and paleontology course will be taught this spring (2018). It will include all of the geologic record of North Dakota. The emphasis will be on the outcrop record that represents the subsurface and surface section of North Dakota. This means we will examine rocks and fossils in Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, and Canada to understand the North Dakota subsurface record and to place it the context of global events. We will interpret the rocks and fossils, landscapes and environments through the Phanerozoic, as seen through observable outcrop.

The class meets Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 2-2:50 p.m., Education Rm 104 (for now), online or in class. You can sign up for G491 or G515. No prereqs are needed. I can sign cards on the first day or see me Monday or Tuesday.

— Joseph Hartman, Geology & Geological Engineering, 777-5055