Pasch named external member for East Carolina University School of Communication program review

Timothy Pasch, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication at UND, has been selected as external member for the Academic Program Review (APR) of the School of Communication at East Carolina University, North Carolina University System.

Pasch will serve as a committee member working with faculty and members of the University’s administration on the review process this spring (April ’18). The programs included in the review include the school’s undergraduate Communication degree (BS), Graduate Communication degree (MA), and Graduate Certificate in Health Communication.

At ECU, the purpose of the seven-year review of all undergraduate and graduate programs in a department/school is to engage faculty in a reflective process of thoughtful study and evaluation of program quality and alignment to East Carolina University’s values, mission, and commitments in support of students and the region. Program review is an integral part of the university’s ongoing assessment and strategic planning processes designed to enhance the quality of all educational programs.

Programs that are periodically reviewed by an external accrediting body are not part of the formal APR process described here. The review of programs without specialized accreditation is intended to help faculty and administrators gain an understanding of the following:

• Purpose and outcomes for each degree and certificate program being reviewed;
• Each program’s effectiveness in achieving its purpose and outcomes, along with overall quality;
• The faculty’s vision for each program and improvement actions taken as a result of institutional and assessment data; and
• Future programmatic improvements to the curriculum, pedagogy, and/or operational functions of the department.