TTaDA staff have moved to temporary locations

Members of the Teaching Transformation and Development Academy will be temporarily relocated over the next several months.

Instructional Design & Digital Learning, led by Lori Swinney, has moved from Robertson-Sayre-Hall to Starcher Hall room 135.  Instructional Designers include Elizabeth Becker, Kristi Swartz, Naomi Hanson, and Austin Winger. Academic technology administration and support staff include Diane Lundeen, Chad Bushy, Ted Storkson, Caitlin Olson, Tim Oneal, and Dara Faul.

Anne Kelsch (faculty development), Chelsea Lupien (administrative assistant) and Margot McGimpsey (project manager) have moved from O’Kelly Hall 3rd floor to Gillette Hall room 10 starting April 9.

Renovation plans are under way for third floor of O’Kelly Hall, which will house the entire TTaDA staff starting in late fall 2018.