University Council members elected to University Senate

University Council members who have been elected to serve one-year terms on the 2018-2019 University Senate as college representatives include the following:

  • John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences: Daniel Adjekum and Nicholas Wilson
  • College of Arts and Sciences: Crystal Alberts, Justin Berg, Royce Blackburn, Carolyn
  • Campbell, Richard Millspaugh, Patrick Luber, Adam Matz and Lawrence Peterson
  • College of Business and Public Administration: Duane Helleloid and Bo Wood
  • College of Education and Human Development: Joshua Hunter and Casey Ozaki
  • College of Engineering and Mines: Travis Desell and Surojit Gupta
  • School of Law: Kirsten Dauphinais and Mike McGinniss
  • Libraries: Anne Mostad-Jensen and Devon Olson
  • School of Medicine and Health Sciences: Van Doze and Mary Ann Sens
  • College of Nursing and Professional Development: Dawn Denny and Maridee Shogren