Aug. 28: Workshop on SBIR/STTR grants at Center for Innovation

UNDSBIR v5Each year, more than $2.5 billion is awarded to small and start-up firms to develop new products and services based on innovative concepts and technologies. With 11 different federal agencies participating, there’s a good chance one or more would consider funding your early stage idea.

On Tuesday, Aug. 28, the Center for Innovation will host a SBIR/STTR overview and Phase 1 grant proposal workshop from 7:45 a.m. to noon at the Center for Innovation. From 1 to 3:30 p.m., attendees can visit with the presenter, Jim Greenwood.

Even seasoned SBIR/STTR veterans will benefit from the workshop, as we will present the latest in these ever-changing programs.

The afternoon one-on-one meetings can focus on any aspect of your SBIR/STTR interests: selecting an agency, dealing with the cost proposal, and brainstorming on commercialization opportunities are possibilities.

To register, email Tyler Sletten, Entrepreneur Consultant, Center for Innovation.

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Jim Greenwood

Jim Greenwood
Jim Greenwood

Jim Greenwood and his wife, Gail, have been involved in the SBIR program since its inception in 1983. The Greenwoods have taught SBIR/STTR workshops in 48 states plus Puerto Rico and Washington D.C., offering training through local and regional economic development groups, universities, Federal laboratories, SBDCs and MEPs.

The Greenwoods also have taught at many of the National SBIR Conferences over the past 17 years, including the most recent ones in Anaheim, Washington DC and Tampa. They also presented workshops at the 2016 National Institutes of Health (NIH) National SBIR Conference, and Dept. of Defense’s 2017 Beyond Phase 2 Conference. They are recipients of the coveted Tibbetts Award, based on their contributions to SBIR/STTR outreach and education efforts, and were recognized by the Small Business Technology Council as “Champions for Small Business.”

In addition to training, the Greenwoods provide applicants with critiques of draft proposals before they are finalized and submitted for funding. They have performed more than 1000 such reviews over the past decade. They also coach applicants on their Phase I and II proposals being submitted to all of the SBIR/STTR awarding agencies.

Jim Greenwood has served as a commercialization reviewer for the SBIR/STTR programs at the National Science Foundation (NSF), reviewing both Phase 1 and 2 proposals, as well as proposals for NSF’s supplemental programs such as Phase 1b and Phase 2b.

The Greenwoods are under contract with the University of Texas System to assist I-Corps graduates applying for SBIR/STTR funding. And as a subcontractor to Dawnbreaker, Inc., the Greenwoods are serving as coaches for women-owned businesses (WOBs) and minority-owned businesses (MOBs) applying to the US Dept of Energy’s SBIR/STTR programs.