Aug. 29: Seminar on developing novel therapeutics against influenza virus

Richard Plemper, COBRE Mentor, will present a seminar Aug. 29 at noon in E101, School of Medicine & Health Sciences. The title of his talk is “Developing Novel Therapeutics Against Influenza Viruses and Respiratory Viruses Associated with Influenza-Like Disease.”

All are welcome.

Richard Plemper

Dr. Plemper has established a productive antivirals discovery and development research program with particular focus on pathogens of the myxo- and pneumovirus families that has advanced the fundamental understanding of paramyxo- and pneumovirus entry and replication, and the development of novel antiviral candidates. Amongst other inhibitor candidates, his laboratory has identified and developed a first-in-class allosteric inhibitor of the paramyxovirus RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase complex from screening hit to clinical candidate, and pioneered innovative host-directed and pathogen-directed automated drug discovery strategies and assay technologies. An experienced molecular virologist and biochemist by training, he has assembled a strong research team that brings together collaborators with diverse areas of expertise including molecular virologists, synthetic and medicinal chemists, and pharmacologists to meet the drug development goals of our studies.

After 12 years at Emory University, he was attracted in 2013 to join a newly established Institute for Biomedical Sciences at Georgia State University with his research team. Enjoying tangible institutional support to advance infrastructure and equipment of his laboratory, he built a state-of-the-art automated drug-screening facility at GSU. Combined with an outstanding biochemistry infrastructure and vivarium in the building, his laboratory has full control over all missing-critical pre-clinical stages of the drug discovery and development pipeline. Based on tangible expertise in antiviral drug development and a strong collaborative track record, he is highly qualified to lead innovative partnership to address the urgent unmet clinical need for next-generations medications presented by the influenza viruses and related respiratory viruses associated with influenza-like disease.

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