Nov. 5: Advocating for Oneself: Exploring the Power of Influence and Persuasion

Advocating for Oneself: Exploring the Power of Influence and Persuasion, will be held Monday, Nov. 5, 2:30 – 4 p.m., in the Memorial Union River Valley Room

Why do so many women feel uncomfortable advocating for themselves? Gender stereotypes play a role. Many women hesitate to speak up and advocate for themselves out of concern for being seen as aggressive or overly confident. Women also tend to suffer from self-doubt and imposter syndrome – making them more likely to underestimate the value they bring.

This session will share ideas about effectively advocating for yourself and navigating your career path though the power of influence and persuasion.

Discussion topics include: Finding your voice and confidence, essential skills to getting positive attention from the top down, ways to champion yourself and others, and picking yourself up after set-backs.

Participants will have the opportunity to apply their inspirations from the talk to engage with one another and create personal action plans that enhance their self-advocacy. Anyone looking for inspiration to speak up, fully express their gifts, and do what fulfills them will benefit from participating in this program.

Registration is required. Register here for the Nov. 5 event.