Sept. 12, 13: Swag Wagon rolls through campus

SwagWagon-SocialMedia-2018-500x376_DRAFT1Get out of the way! The Swag Wagon is ready to roll, and it’s time to be brainy about your bucks. Students might want to brush up on their money smarts to make sure they’re not missing out.

Not everyone can be a monetary mastermind, but the Student Financial Aid Office is here to help! Soon they will take a swing through campus on the Swag Wagon (aka “a golf cart”) to see how much students know about the basics.

Answer a question, right or wrong, and win swag — it’s that simple!

The Swag Wagon will motor around campus to test students’ knowledge on Wednesday morning, Sept. 12, and Thursday afternoon, Sept. 13. Encourage students to be on the lookout and participate!