Cheryl Arntz is October U-Shine award recipient

UND Staff Senate is pleased to announce that the October 2018 U-Shine Award recipient is Cheryl Arntz, FlexComp Specialist, for UND Human Resources & Payroll Services. She was nominated by Kevin Kuntz. The nomination stated:

“Now that FlexComp has been outsourced, assisting employees with their flex spending account related issues isn’t really a part of Cheryl’s job duties any longer. That said, as we approach April 30 each year, the university’s employees visit her more and more often to get assistance with their flex. In many instances, employees haven’t maintained their flex spending accounts for the entire year. Typically their spending cards are on the verge of being shut off because the appropriate backup has not been submitted. That’s where Cheryl comes in. Employees come in with a stack of bills and insurance EOBs. Although not her job duty, Cheryl sorts through their personal medical expenses and submits the appropriate documentation to Wage Works so the employee can get their full flex amount returned to them. By assisting employees like this, Cheryl has kept employees from forfeiting countless dollars to the flex program. Cheryl goes above and beyond!”

 The U-Shine Award is presented monthly to a UND staff member who goes out of his or her way to make UND a better place. All U-Shine Award winners receive a certificate and a one-time $50 bonus, which is added to their next paycheck. For more information on the UShine Award or to nominate a colleague, click here: UShine Nomination.

Congratulations Cheryl! U-Shine!