UND and Woz U announce partnership

Woz U, Steve Wozniak’s education as a service company that transforms how individuals are educated with personalized, tech-based career training, announced today a partnership with the University of North Dakota. The agreement offers tech-based education courses for career-minded students to prepare for in-demand technology professions.

The collaboration between Woz U and the University of North Dakota exemplifies the importance of education opportunities available to students that want to enter the technology workforce with less debt. Students seeking to enhance their knowledge for a technology-based career will have access to Woz U’s leading Full-Stack Web Development, Cyber Security and Data Science programs via the partnership.

“The affiliation between the University of North Dakota and Woz U enriches the education prospects for a growing number of students,” says Chris Coleman, president of Woz U. “Our programs enable students to advance their computing aptitudes and become workforce ready for the tech industry.”

Students enrolled in the programs benefit from personalized coursework to cultivate computer-based skills, along with current industry best practices, to establish a career in the technology field. The association of Woz U and University of North Dakota immerses students in an EdTech ecosystem designed for learners to quickly gain career-centric proficiency to utilize in the workforce.

“Woz U is progressing career-based academia with its technology courses,” said Lynette Krenelka, Executive Director of the Teaching Transformation and Development Academy and Director of the Office of Extended Learning, University of North Dakota.

Graduates of the Full-Stack Web Development, Cyber Security and Data Science courses receive a Woz U and University of North Dakota certificate of completion in their enrolled program. “This partnership elevates our offerings available to students seeking curricula that will advance their professional development skills to go into the tech industry,” said Jeff Holm, Vice Provost for Online Education and Strategic Planning, University of North Dakota.

For more information about the programs available as part of the Woz U and University of North Dakota partnership, visit woz-u.com/und.

About Woz U:

 Steve Wozniak’s Woz U transforms how individuals are educated with personalized, tech-based career training. Woz U’s modernized approach to career education empowers learners to achieve the professional development skills needed to enter or transition into high-demand positions within the technology industry. Woz U operates entities to transform the way innovators of tomorrow are educated.

Through Woz U’s Education as a Service (EaaS) model, Woz U provides a variety of services, and a proprietary online educational delivery system with customized technology courses enabling the company’s educational partners to quickly empower their students to become workforce ready. In addition, Woz U provides its business partners with an agile system to upskill their teams and augment their learning and development offerings, giving their employees access to top quality courses. Through Woz U’s Arizona approved school, Woz U works with students to close the technology skills gap and graduate with less debt. Woz U graduates receive access to Woz for Life, a lifetime resource to remain current on the latest course offerings to advance their technology education along their career pathway. With this innovative approach, Woz U enriches technology-based education initiatives. Learn more at woz-u.com.