Will Martin is November UShine Award recipient

UND Staff Senate is pleased to announce that the November 2018 UShine Award recipient is Will Martin, Head of Digital Initiatives Systems & Services Director for Chester Fritz Library. He was nominated by Kelly Thormodson. The nomination stated:

Will’s co-worker, Stephanie, and her husband were in a very bad car accident on the way to Minneapolis to attend a concert. They were both transported to Melrose hospital in central Minnesota where thankfully they were not seriously injured. They did both suffer minor cuts and bruises and Stephanie also sustained cracked ribs and later she was diagnosed with a minor concussion. With the car being in pieces and a total loss, no hotel nearby, and both in no shape to drive, they were stuck in the middle of Minnesota with no rental car and no way to get back home. Stephanie sent out an SOS to the senior management team asking for this huge favor of driving to Melrose to pick them up and Will volunteered! Not everyone is willing to drive 3.5 hours (one way) to pick up a colleague but Will did. Will is a dedicated UND employee and this selfless act went above and beyond!

 The UShine Award is presented monthly to a UND staff member who goes out of his or her way to make UND a better place. All UShine Award winners receive a certificate and a one-time $50 bonus, which is added to their next paycheck. For more information on the UShine Award or to nominate a colleague, click here: UShine Nomination

Congratulations Will! UShine!