Judy Johnson is December U-Shine Award recipient

Aaron Flynn (Nominator), Garrett Grasser (Staff Recognition Committee Member), Judy Johnson (Dec 2018 UShine Recipient, Angie Holkesvig (Staff Recognition Chair, Chuck Crummy (Training Specialist)
Aaron Flynn, nominator; Garrett Grasser, Staff Recognition Committee member; Judy Johnson, U-Shine Recipient; Angie Holkesvig, Staff Recognition Chair; Chuck Crummy, training specialist

UND Staff Senate is pleased to announce that the December 2018 UShine Award recipient is Judy Johnson, Union C-Store Supervisor for Dining Services. She was nominated by Aaron Flynn. The nomination stated:

Judy is always so friendly and helpful in her role with the C-Store in the Memorial Union, but she really went above and beyond one morning for me. I had a hectic morning getting my kiddos out the door and forgot my wallet during the commotion. I almost always go to the C-Store to get a delicious La Colombe coffee drink and/or some water.

I didn’t realize I didn’t have my wallet until all my items were rang up and I tried to pay. Judy said that she was going to cover it and gave me the receipt so I would know how much I needed to pay her back. She covered me and helped me out! It was a nice, totally unnecessary gesture yet really generous and kind!

For those reasons and for her positive daily approach to her work and the C-Store, I nominate Judy. She is very deserving!

The U-Shine Award is presented monthly to a UND staff member who goes out of his or her way to make UND a better place. All UShine Award winners receive a certificate and a one-time $50 bonus, which is added to their next paycheck. For more information on the UShine Award or to nominate a colleague, click here: UShine Nomination