Nominations due Jan. 11 for Founders Day Faculty Research Award

Nominations are invited for The UND Foundation/McDermott Achievement Award for Excellence in Research.  The recipient will receive a monetary award at the Founders Day Banquet on Thursday, February 28, 2019.  Tenured faculty who have been at UND for at least five years are eligible to receive this award. The following information should be provided:

  1. A listing of publications of significant, original and high-quality research, scholarly, and creative contributions in nationally recognized professional journals that are refereed by peer reviewers, and/or a listing of juried competitions and invited performances/exhibitions.
  2. Overall scholarly activities, such as service as or a reviewer of research proposals for federal agencies or other funding sources, service as a referee or editor for professional journals, and/or contributions to training students in research, scholarly, and creative endeavors.
  3. Potential for significant contributions to enhance the effectiveness of the subject matter taught in the classroom.
  4. A letter of support from the department chair, if the nominee is a faculty member, or from the dean, if the nominee is the chair of the department.

Faculty, staff, and students may make nominations, and faculty are invited to nominate themselves. Since the committee will not engage in the gathering of documentation, each nomination or application must be accompanied by thorough evidence of the nominee’s qualifications for the award. Nominations are due no later than Friday, Jan. 11, 2019.  The nomination and supporting documentation must be submitted electronically as a SINGLE PDF file to

The awardee will be selected by the Associate Vice President for Research and Economic Development (chair) and selected others.

Since previous awardees are ineligible for nomination until five years have passed, Collin Combs (2018), Othman Ghribi (2017), Michelle Sauer and Brij Singh (2016), Jonathan Geiger (2015), and Alena Kubatova and Jefferson Vaughan (2014) may not be nominated this year.

If further information is desired, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Research & Economic Development at 777-6736 or go to the Founders Day Research Awards website at

— John Mihelich, Interim Vice President for Research and Economic Development.